Google Home Assistant suddenly plays commercials

Google Home Assistant

The Google Home Assistant is apparently used by Google to play unsolicited commercials from “partners”. In a first statement, the company speaks of a “feature” that has not been optimally implemented. Users feel unaffected by the action.

Google Home Assistant
Voice assistants as the Amazon Echo or Google Home slowly but surely conquering the households around the globe. Depending on the current state of speech recognition and output, and in combination with a slowly increasing number of bots that things possess amazing abilities.

They answer all kinds of questions, interact with shops, play music or reminders – without the occasional pesky handle for Smartphone.

Google is in the consumer sector of the currently only serious competitor of Amazon. A comparable device from Microsoft for voice assistant Cortana there yet, high-performance systems such as Watson of IBM put their infrastructure in a professional environment available. In addition, the underlying platform “Assistant” is now on a number of available Android phones so that Google is expanding its user and learning based more or less daily.

Of course, went to Amazon and Google with the two (not necessarily cheap, but not prohibitive) devices push their own services. They should be integrated seamlessly into the “ecosystem” of the two companies and are for example preferably provide search results that sometimes come from Amazon Prime or Google Play users.

At the same time, Google and Amazon are hoping that they will get simply more data about the user and it and similar findings of his preferences, his shopping behavior, his family, his destinations can deduce things that you can, in turn, commercialize personalized

“This isn’t an ad; the beauty in the Assistant is that it invites our partners to be our guest and share their tales.”
But now report some Reddit users that the Google HomeAssistant has begun a complete surprise and quite brazenly play commercials. In the above case is the “by the way” playing Note that the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)” was started in the American cinema.

Following these remarks, the proud Google Homeowners will Add with some background information on the film. And as if that were not enough, finally to be addressed to the Assistant Home follows the “Offer”, a question about one of the main characters.

In a first statement to The Verge claims Google that it did not constitute a commercial. Rather it was, Google goes on to a “feature” of the daily overview, which can read the Home Assistant. One experiment with the content that would involve here and confess that could be done better in this case.

Neither on the official website of Google Home in the underlying FAQ is any indication that the small Quasseltonne could also serve the advertising signs of “partners” play, especially as they are not even clearly marked in the present case as such.

While at a radio station or for example the advertising-financed offer from Spotify reckons that the program is occasionally interrupted by advertising, which comes as a complete surprise when Home. Aftermarket both Amazon and Google, the two wizards as “digital family”, which in turn presupposes a certain intimacy and a certain degree of confidence.

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