Galaxy S8 will use facial recognition authentication method

As we approach the official Galaxy S8 launch more secrets appear, from the appearance, features hardware and software features to entirely new products Samsung.

Galaxy S8

After learning about the new Touch AMOLED display with 3D technology, it’s time to discover and add sensors above the offering based on facial recognition and iris scanning.

Not just new technology for Android devices, facial recognition is viewed with mistrust, considered less safe and provided inconsistent results than fingerprint sensor.

But Samsung proposes a different approach: using facial recognition technologies with iris scanning function, present briefly Galaxy Note 5 series phones, meanwhile withdrawn.

Another feature that Samsung Galaxy S8 trying to differentiate competition is the function of shooting in slow motion, supported on iPhone 7 series to a speed of 180 frames per second.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S8 would support slow-motion shooting speed up to 1000 frames per second.

But the record is not as impressive as it sounds, the current model Xperia XZ Performance, Sony revealed at MWC 2017 can shoot up to 960 frames per second using 720p.

However, performance may be reached at 1080p, even using an image sensor made by Sony.

Already announced, it supports a resolution of 21.12MP and includes a DRAM memory buffer allowing the temporary accommodation until the sequence resulting video stream is transferred in full to the device memory.

More info we could find out about the official from the expected launch event in less than two weeks.