Note 8: Samsung must adopt a desired feature

After the last year’s disaster around the Galaxy Note 7, it is generally assumed that Samsung will have a very special feature for the upcoming Note 8 to compensate the fans of the product line a little.

Note 8: Samsung must adopt the desired feature

Now, however, it is clear with regard to a rumor that it is simply nonsense.

The speech is from a fingerprint sensor, which is integrated into the display itself. One such is always emerging in all sorts of rumors about upcoming high-end devices and was also on the upcoming iPhone generation theme.

However, at this point, it is easy to see that there are technical hurdles that have not yet been mastered.

Apple is largely clear that no technology is installed in the iPhones, which has not reached a certain level of reliability. And Samsung, too, will do anything but take a high risk in the next note model to make the device something special.

Too big is the fear to produce a bust, which then really leads to a financial catastrophe.

Shortest: All important to the Samsung Galaxy S8

Quality and safety do not match

According to a report by Korea Herald, which refers to a source in the industry, Samsung had worked very intensively on a corresponding sensor.

However, one did not manage to develop a fingerprint reader, which on the one hand works well enough, but on the other hand is also not to be seen, when one embeds it in the display.

While some progress has been made in the use of transparent materials, the quality of these materials has not been stable enough and the committee has not been able to handle larger production volumes.

In addition, the sensors, which were sufficiently suitable, would not have met the safety requirements in practice.