Galaxy Note 7

galaxy note 8

Today Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks, has released the first details of the next Galaxy Note 8

Note 8: Samsung must adopt the desired feature

Samsung will have a very special feature for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 to compensate the fans of the product line a little

iphone 7

Morgan Stanley has just taken a survey, and the resulting figure is very good news: 92 out of 100 iPhone owners want to stay on the platform.

reconditioned Galaxy Note 7

With the Galaxy Note 7 was to pass from the greatest of joys to the worst of pains in a matter of weeks after being released.

refurbished Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R and, as a reminder, the battery would go from the original 3,500 mAh to a more contained 3,200 mAh

Galaxy S8's iris scanner

It is the same iris scanner that could be used to make financial transactions early on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 can then only be used with a plug connected. This is, of course, still a way to use the device, but Samsung in any case

Galaxy Note 8

We are a few days away from the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 - perfect time so for rumors to the flagship, the Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy S8 Plus

Weeks before the official presentation, the technical data, and features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus were unveiled.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Electronics Co. Mentioned about 85 percent of its recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the U.S. Were replaced

Samsung nevertheless remains Clueless about the Galaxy note 7 Explosions: Time consuming research might cause Galaxy S8 not launch on time.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung was earlier reported to offer former Galaxy Note 7 owners a nice little discount when they would proceed to purchase a Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung Struck With a Lawsuit After Galaxy S6 Active Left a consumer physical Scarred

Note 7

Samsung officially multiplied the Galaxy note 7 don't forget this morning, with the CPSC.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Provided you could no longer buy a Galaxy Note 7, we encouraged that you determine out the Galaxy S7 Edge prior this week.

Galaxy note 7

Good, seeing that the one-two phones that come close to the Galaxy note 7 is the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung says it is stopping the production of its Galaxy note 7 smartphones.

Toward the end of a week ago, after a report surfaced of a Galaxy Note 7 owner who's as far as anyone knows safe phone burst into flames

Galaxy Note 7

The approaches to check if your Galaxy Note 7 is sheltered would be the green battery symbol and a dark square image.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung's Intention to Beat iPhone 7 With the Hasty Release of Galaxy Note 7 Can Be a Primary Factor of the Problems the Company Is Facing

Galaxy note 7

Yesterday afternoon, Samsung and the CPSC announced new details for the Galaxy note 7 consider, making it a great deal more reputable

Galaxy Note 7

You will also receive a refund on the price difference between the Note 7 and the S7 or S7 Edge, whichever phone you choose.