Fitness trackers: what you should know

Fitness trackerss

One should try its utmost efforts to stay in good health and for that purpose we have the best product in the market. You all must be familiar with the name “Fitness Tracker”. As the name defines a tracker which will keep you fit. This is the easiest and the simplest definition one can get, but what is fitness tracker exactly and why are we focusing on it so much.

A fitness tracker is a device used to monitor and track metrics related to your health through your movements, in other words, making you more active day by day.

The common categories are Pedometers, Fitness Trackers, and Heart Rate Monitors.

Did you know exercise and keeping oneself fit is one of the best possible remedies to stray from stress? Also, keeping yourself healthy can allow you to give extra tiny treats once in a while.
However, people use these trackers due to the numerous concepts which are prevailing in the society. According to a survey:

Fitness trackers are available in various forms for swimming, for cycling, for running and so on, depending upon the type you want. Trackers can be wrapped around your wrist or to your leg, hand; hip wherever you feel comfortable wearing it you can hang it there.

You need to realize which type of product you want in order to get the most accurate result because majority often gets confused big time when selecting a tracker for them. This Infographics published by MobileSiri tells us some interesting details about the fitness trackers.

best fitness trackers infographics

The most popular brands in the market these days that one should opt for are Fitbit, Xiaomi, Apple, Garmin, and Samsung. In 2015, Xiaomi had an annual growth of 41.8% as compared to other brands hence competing against all.

When talking about 2016, Fitbit has the highest market share of 24.5% as compared to other popular brands.
The market share of other brands is as follows:

  1. Xiaomi – 19%
  2. Apple – 7.5%
  3. Garmin – 4.6%
  4. Samsung – 3.6%

According to survey users buy trackers on the basis of following factors:
Furthermore, in the US, adults percentage of using wearable device or smartphone application is as follows:

  • 11% use wearable or fitness tracker
  • 14.1% use smartphone applications
  • 14.5% are making plan to use application or tracker
  • 60.4% do not use any device or application.

When performed another survey it was observed that this year gadgets like laptops, smartphones and tablets will face decline and 26% consumers will go towards buying a fitness tracker or smartwatch (2% increment as compared to 2015).

After so many surveys and research, the question arises why these trackers are so popular among people and gaining gradual success with time. Are these devices sent from the heaven that can give meticulous and precise readings to us? So in order to ease your tension, the answer is, trackers are devices that are still in an ongoing process of development. They can vary in tracking your activity as they depend on the environment and surroundings.

They produce results on the amount of workout you have performed and data collected. Therefore, you might have noticed that every fitness tracker gives its own reading due to the dependence on its distinctive algorithm.

Fitness trackers are more likely to be used. A research was conducted by the University Of Wisconsin-Madison in which they took a sample by providing fitness trackers to 25 women and the rest were given pedometers. The total number of women was 51 who were overweight on post menopause.

It was concluded that the women using fitness tracker were more satisfied as well as more active within a month as compared to those who were using pedometers and started spending one extra hour a week.

If you are walking then surely you must be a really cheerful person, according to a study a ten-minute walk can change your mood from bad to good.

Therefore, it can be concluded that fitness trackers are the best choice for keeping oneself active and healthy. Have fun choosing one.

May you stay healthy, wealthy and wise!

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