A wearable created entirely by Spotify

On the other hand is 'Mighty', a device that was sold as the first 'iPod for Spotify', which was part ...

The Fitbit Charge 2 additionally accompanies multi-sport modes for following, associated GPS, a 4x bigger show, and thinned equipment plan.

Fitness trackerss

Fitness trackers are more likely to be used. A research was conducted by the University Of Wisconsin-Madison in which they ...

The ZENTA wrist-wearable tracks your mental health

The new ZENTA wrist-wearable takes an alternate methodology. Made by VINAYA, a London-based innovation plan house.


Based on your rest information from your Fitbit tracker, you can take the application's customized suggestions.

Fitbit Alta

You adore your Fitbit Alta in light of the fact that it not just looks sharp on your wrist, it ...


Jawbone has quit fabricating its Up wellness trackers and is hoping to offer its Bluetooth speaker business.


The study didn’t make it clear which Fitbit product was used to identify the problem.


Some of the most popular gadgets when it comes to monitoring the exercise, Fitbit seems bracelets can monitor heart rate.