FIFA 18: Alex Hunter will start his international career in the second season of THE JOURNEY

EA Sports has big plans to take advantage of more than 50 licensed stadiums that will include ‘FIFA 18’.

After an intense first season in which Alex Hunter became one of the key figures of the English Premier League in ‘FIFA 17’, it is time to come up with the next big step: start measuring your talent with that of the biggest stars of football from all over the globe.

After a brief preview at E3, ‘FIFA 18‘ shows the first trailer for The Journey: Hunter’s return, the continuation of ‘The Journey’ mode seen in the last edition.

And on this occasion, we will have the option to see Alex wearing the shirts of clubs of the caliber of FC Bayern, Atletico Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain.

Among the innovations that we will see this year we will find the possibility to customize Alex Hunter, but also to control other players through short and independent stories with new characters that we will know as we advance in the plot.

Of course, and as we saw last year, The Journey: Hunter’s return will feature some of the football’s most recognizable faces including Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli, Thomas Müller, Thierry Henry .. and even NBA star James Harden.

The interesting thing is that everyone has lent his image and recorded the dialogues to make the experience spectacular.

After leaving the Premier League in his first year, everyone talks about Alex Hunter. He has returned for a second season and, after a turbulent transfer process, will have the opportunity to compete in some of the biggest clubs in world football

‘The Journey’ mode is much more than a story mode to use: the idea is to make us live an authentic sports race in which we will have to train, meet our objectives in the field, choose wisely which teams we are willing to sign and see the other side of being in the sights of millions of passionate Sports King.

The Journey: Hunter’s return will be one of the top incentives to address (and renew) the EA Sports football proposal. Of course, this mode will only be available in versions of ‘FIFA 18’ that use the Frostbite engine (Xbox One, PS4, and PC) which excludes Switch editions and last Gen consoles.

The football proposals return one more September to consoles and computers and ‘FIFA’ wants to return to be the benchmark, and the licenses, visual section and exclusive modes like ‘Ultimate Team’ and The Journey: Hunter’s return are tricks to consider.

For now, ‘FIFA 18’ will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC and Switch from September 29.