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Facebook 360

The photo- and Video editing can be provided with Facebook 360 of course liked and with Reactions, further features are ...

fake news

Since the first time people have been excited about Facebook Fake News, the term has somehow evolved. In the beginning

Facebook Inc. temporarily marked many of its users as dead on Friday, in a mysterious snafu the company hasn't yet ...

Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook reported Messenger Lite early today, a retooled Messenger application for clients with maturing gadgets


While Spotify could, in the end, be purchased by such an organization, they don't appear to have the authority it ...

Google Duo

Google Duo is currently the most downloaded application on the Google Play Store which is offered for nothing.


Around three days after Togethera closes down clients will get an email to download chronicles of their gatherings' photographs, recordings, ...


Facebook, in reality, is about uniting the world. In any case, that is to fill its more prominent need.

facebook messenger

When the people at Facebook are asking something in mind and want to force you to accept the changes


Facebook will start tracking non-users across the web.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR, which usually plays second fiddle to the Oculus Rift, just had a number dump that gives it ...


Hot off the heels of Apple’s recent legal tangle with the FBI, WhatsApp isn’t waiting around until the government comes ...

facebook iphone 6s

If you decided to buy yourself an iPhone 6S, then you’ll be no stranger to Live Photos – and now ...

Facebook live streaming

We enter the real time video was marketing. Today, Facebook has provided companies of all pages checked (Verified Pages) ability ...

facebook and uber

Facebook announced Wednesday that it is testing a new service that will allow users to call Messenger application Uber cars ...

facebook offline

Facebook is constantly improving mobile app to bring users more functionality and how to help those who have slower internet ...