In the Facebook Messenger you talk to people, in Google’s you will talk with robots

Google realizes that Facebook Messenger has, currently, on the chapter “rivals in online chat applications”. As can gain nonetheless some relevance when people want to talk to someone, Google decided to implement a chat application where people can talk to AI company in Mountain View.

Google understands its impotence to become relevant apps Chapter popular among people who want to stay connected with chat programs such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. As a result, Google decided to draw unpopular and lonely people who would not hurt in their solitude to talk to a robot.

However, do not skip to pity those from Google, lonely or its customers. It is true that they actually speak with “walls” but those walls happen to be one of the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world.

According to The Verge, users chat system will open a conversation with a chatbot, chat or answering machine, asking for information, advice, instructions and anything similar to Google to help customers in everyday life.

American giant robots chat you do not have a gender or a name, at least not now, but try to emulate as closely as a human language and provide the most accurate information of interest. There chatbot and Facebook is testing a similarly named Facebook M, but it remains to be seen how it will compare to that of Google when the latter will be introduced.

Although they may not get there overnight, it would be like in the future with Theodore from the Her movie where the main character falls in love with a chatbot a company’s computers.

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly more flexible, we would not be surprised if in the near future nor need for a human partner so that we can discuss interesting Internet. Think only about how many things you could talk to an intelligent Google chatbot, which has all Wikipedia (and others) at your fingertips.

Cosmin Matei
Cosmin AKA Cosmyx Coco is a Technical Blog Writer from He writes about information security, focusing on web security, operating system security and endpoint protection systems.