facebook messenger

Facebook and Paypal are allied to not stay out in the boom of payments between users via applications

This is the case for messaging apps, with Messaging on Apple or WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on the cross-platform market.

Facebook Messenger

We know that you like the messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, with their calls "free" and their stickers.

Android Auto

In a new update for Facebook Messenger, the messaging service now works for users of Android Auto

google allo

As a reward, Google has declared a few SMS capacities, in that they are permitting you message individuals over SMS ...

The organization just discharged rendition of Hangouts 11, it's joined over-the-top and SMS customer for Android.

Facebook Messenger for Android is getting a noteworthy upgrade today which brings back SMS support.

Was your favorite messenger app on our list?

Google realizes that Facebook Messenger has, currently, on the chapter “rivals in online chat applications”. As can gain nonetheless some ...