Download the all-new Android Auto app now!

Last week, Google announced an all new version of Android auto could be released to the masses.

The warning signs were which you would now not want a compatible head unit for your vehicle, as a substitute, you will be capable of use Android auto with nothing more than your cellphone.

It becomes unknown whilst Google changed into planning to release the new edition of Android auto, but it seems today is that day.

The corporation has commenced sending out emails to all and sundry who signed up to be notified whilst the replace could be released.

This update allows anyone with an Android phone (running 5.0 or later) to use a driver friendly interface to access the key stuff you need on the road ― directions, music, communications ― without the distraction of things that aren’t essential while driving.

Now that the app is available for download, we were able to take a quick look at what is being offered, and are pretty impressed so far.

Being able to access Maps, your music app of choice, and the Phone conveniently is awesome and promises to help keep your eyes where they belong while driving.

These apps are already updated with Android Auto support and include:

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