Creators Update

Fluent Design

Yesterday already we count as Fluent Design, the new style of Microsoft that will officially arrive with Fall Creators Update ...

Microsoft Fluent Design System has finally been given the name given to Project Neon

If our team has limited hardware or time, can Fluent Design spoil the Windows 10 user experience on less power-hungry ...

Windows 10 Creators Update

For a few hours, the update to Windows 10 Creators Update is available for mobile phones with Windows 10 Mobile.

If you still use Windows 10 in the original version do not get distracted and updated, because in May it stops having support The arrival of Windows 10 in its version Creators Update has been the great earthquake that has shaken the ecosystem Microsoft this week. An update that we saw already here and that coincided with a farewell, the Windows Vista , a system not as bad as many believe . But it was not the only farewell. And is that with the new update for Windows 10 are already two updates that carries the operating system of the Redmond , Now we can talk about the maturity of your proposals after the arrival of these two updates (before was the Anniversary Update ) So that as SP2 we can say that Windows 10 has already removed the plumage of birth. And to make clear that time has passed and has succeeded in creating a stable system, from the offices of Redmond announce that the germ of everything, Windows 10 in its original version , which has the number 1507 and was released ago Two years, will no longer receive official support from Microsoft . Neither security updates nor bug fixes This way if you still use any of the versions based on Windows 10 in its original development and have not updated to any of the two updates released later, in a very short time you will leave your computer more unprotected when not having or with updates Or with more bug fixes. And is that the same as happened with people who refused to upgrade other versions of Windows with the famous Service Pack now there are users who maintain their equipment as it came to market the day that Windows 10 came out . Something that Microsoft wants to avoid and so they take this step. It is mainly about trying to convince these users of the need they have to improve the operation, the security of their computers and therefore the data they store , to update Windows periodically with the latest updates reported in Windows Update. A MEASURE THAT MAY NOT BE KNOWN OR INTERESTED IN USERS WHO ARE NOT UP TO DATE DUE TO LACK OF KNOWLEDGE This may affect users who have voluntarily and consciously refused to upgrade to a new version, but I doubt that those who have avoided it by ignorance will be concerned about this measure or even that they even know that it is going to take And its consequences. Thus from May 9 the version of Windows 10 1507 will be officially obsolete and without support. You will no longer see how from the System Updates Center you are notified with new patches or improvements that affect the stability of the system or its security. Only in the case of being users of Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB you can continue to receive the security patches in the usual way. It is therefore the first version of Windows 10 that will see the end of its path , but just as it has happened with Windows XP or Windows Vista, since Microsoft already have planned the next cease activity in the panorama Windows 10, versions Which will have the same fate as Windows 10 in its 1507 version.

Only in the case of being users of Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB, you can continue to receive the security ...

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Although the official arrival date of Windows 10 Creators Update is April 11