This is ColorOS 11, the OPPO layer for Android 11: all the news, which models will update and when

With Android 11 already in circulation officially, the different manufacturers are moving their pieces to bring the latest version of Google’s operating system to their terminals, and OPPO is one of them. OPPO also has its own layer, ColorOS, which needs to adapt to each change made by the North Americans, and its latest iteration is already presented: we welcome ColorOS 11.

The first thing that catches the attention of this new version of ColorOS is the change of nomenclature. From ColorOS 7 we jumped to ColorOS 11 to officially adapt to the version number of the operating system itself, a change made to make things easier for the users themselves. But here it does not only change the name, but there are also more changes applied, we will tell you below.

Integration with Lens for translations and more customization

Once Android’s full-screen gestures were fully integrated into its system, OPPO has decided to enhance these multi-touch gestures by introducing a curiosity that, at least on paper, seems to be quite useful. ColorOS 11 will allow you to translate texts on screen, on any application, with a gesture with three fingers. With it, the part of the screen that we want will be captured and the integration with Google Lens will do the rest. Text translated from one language to another, with hardly any limitations.

The dark mode of the OPPO layer also evolves in the new ColorOS 11 as there are up to three different color patterns that also have different contrast modes. Each of them is programmable depending on the time of day we are in, total control for users. Personalization also comes to the ‘Always-on’ mode for the screen, because now we can create patterns and designs to be displayed on the panel of our OPPO when the screen is only partially turned on.

We continue with the customization aspects for ColorOS 11 and we come to the ringtones and notifications. Now we can say which instruments, tones, and rhythms the ringtone of our phone will follow, which can be unique, and the notifications also undergo changes. Instead of the annoying constant preset sound, we can decide that each notification plays a note of a melody that we choose, thus making the notifications in a row less intrusive. By the way, we can also customize the color themes of the phone.

In ColorOS 11 FlexDrop is released, new functionality to activate floating apps with a gesture on the screen, in addition to having the smart sidebar to facilitate access to the active apps at all times. But the improvements made in ColorOS 11 are not all visible as such, as the manufacturer has also focused on the performance of its phones.

Performance improvements in ColorOS 11

OPPO says that the new ColorOS 11 introduces the new version of its interface, UI First 2.0, which optimizes the system’s delay reduction engine to the maximum, both at the level of app execution and graphics. ColorOS 11 promises to increase the RAM usage of its phones by 45%, which should result in a 32% improvement in the phone response rate. The built-in SuperTouch functionality will also analyze our usage patterns and scenarios, improving response speed. Something that, of course, we will have to try first hand.

ColorOS 11 claims to improve RAM usage, frame rate, and security and privacy

The system’s frame rate also improves with this optimization and OPPO figures this improvement at 17%. The manufacturer indicates that these figures have been registered in the laboratory and that they could change at the time of a real execution in the day-to-day of the users. The new version of ColorOS also introduces security and privacy improvements and now we can create private versions when running apps.

According to OPPO, with ColoroS 11 we will be able to duplicate both the apps and their data, thus creating virtual versions of them, independent of the originals, and accessible only through a password or our fingerprint. We can also block apps for normal use with a password, fingerprint, or with our face, and the permissions system has been altered by entering the temporary permissions of Android 11. It also improves, by the way, the management of connected devices in the home that surrounds our phone.

When will my phone be updated with ColorOS 11 and which models will

The manufacturer OPPO indicates that it will launch a beta program for its new ColorOS 11 in which it will invite expert users to test the characteristics of the layer and share their comments, although the most important information in this regard offered by the brand has to do with the official launch of ColorOS 11. It will be done by series and in the coming weeks.

OPPO confirms that the Find X2 series phones will be the first to have ColorOS 11, and therefore Android 11, running through their circuits. Subsequently, ColorOS 11 will be released for other phones in the Find series, the Reno series, and the A-series. The guiding firm states that ColorOS 11 will be released for more than 28 phones in its catalog.

The approximate dates and models are as follows:

December 2020
OPPO Find X2 Pro
OPPO Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition
OPPO Find X2

First-quarter of 2021

OPPO Find X2 Neo
OPPO Find X2 Lite