Chrome 66 is now available for Mac: these are its main novelties

Chrome 66

Chrome 66
The latest version of Chrome for Mac is now available to users and brings as main novelties a password export function in addition to including some important changes in terms of security for users.

First, the latest version of the browser includes a security option called Site Isolation, which isolates websites to make it more difficult for them to access information stored on other pages. This novelty aims to mitigate the impact of threats such as Specter.

It is important to keep in mind that Google will start activating the Site Isolation feature in a small percentage of users as it prepares to make a forthcoming wider release.

On the other hand, Chrome 66 will also have a novelty in the section of ‘Manage passwords’, where it will be possible to find a new function called ‘Passwords Exporter’. This option will allow users to authorize the keys stored in the browser to be exported in a CSV file.

Goodbye to automatic video playback

Finally, we have to highlight a functionality that turns out to be quite positive for those users who do not support automatic playback.

In Chrome, Google blocked the autoplay videos on the websites so that fewer data and resources will be consumed, as well as avoiding the hassle of hearing a (sometimes thundering) sound in an unexpected way.

Chrome 66 will also begin to show warnings when third-party software, such as antivirus or any security tool, is injecting code into Chrome processes.