Chrome 66

Chrome 66 will also begin to show warnings when third-party software, such as antivirus or any security tool, is injecting ...

Chrome 62

The stable version of Google Chrome 62 for the Windows desktop, Linux and macOS are now available.

MacOS High Sierra

Safari in MacOS High Sierra prevents any video from being played and much less allows for sound reproduction automatically.

daydream view

That Chrome is introduced in Daydream 2.0 means that you can explore the web while you are in virtual reality.

Google has reported that Chrome bundled applications and facilitated applications will be eliminated of Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The establishment won’t take more than a few minutes and you’ll be given the new lovely UI of Chrome 52 ...

While you could already cast from the program utilizing the Google Cast toolbar symbol, this will never again be fundamental ...

Microsoft Edge

Skype will operate from now on Microsoft Edge without the need for plugins or other items.