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LG launches at with LG Tone Studio and Tone Free

Recent years have brought an evolution in the sound, which not many people noticed it.

We began to see mobile terminals without earpiece that delivers acoustic and vibration and helmets are no longer necessarily bring ear.

Newer there is a “neck buds” wearable acoustic neck concept and LG just launched new products of this type.

They are actually meant for a debut at CES 2017 but LG rushed to their announcement, as did the generation phones and 2017.

One of the new products is LG Tone Studio, a speaker with DTS support and can use like a necklace around the neck.

It includes 4 speakers, vibration function and offers’ theater-style sound for a cinematic experience. ”

It included a DAC HiFi here, analog to digital converter, giving you a musical experience as it was designed from the recording studio for artists.

Then we have the LG Tone Free, this time headphones type standard earbuds, but they are charging when are placed in a neck wearable.

In that format delivers vibration alerts for calls and messages.

Both accessories seem awkward, useless and strange to use in society.

We wait to see prices at CES.