You can unlock the bootloader of your LG G6 officially

One of the biggest advantages of Android over other operating systems is its ability to customize, although not everything is as simple as installing an app or an icon pack.

lg g6

In some cases, it is necessary to perform more complicated processes, such as unlocking the bootloader, which will allow us to access other possibilities, such as the installation of certain ROMs.

Some manufacturers often make available to users the possibility of unlocking the bootloader, so that a few doors are opened.

LG is one of them and, so far, had provided official support to unlock the bootloader to a limited number of models, and this time is added the most recent, the LG G6, although not in all versions.

Specifically, the version that has obtained the official support to unlock the bootloader is the European, whose model is the H870.

This way, if you own this terminal, you can use the LG tool to carry out this process, although we recommend you read the Korean manufacturer’s guide.

To summarize, you must previously have the ‘adb‘ and Android ‘SDK’ installed on your computer. During the process, you will have to verify the IMEI of your LG G6 and generate an unlock key.

This procedure itself is not too difficult, and even some veterans may sound like it is very similar to HTC (at least in the era of One S, One X, and One V).

As always, when thinking about doing this process, we recommend having a backup of all your data to avoid any unforeseen and, above all, that you read any guide well and you understand before you start.