Bluetooth 5: Galaxy S8 brings music to two headsets at the same time

Galaxy S8

In addition to the great highlight features, Samsung has also screwed the Galaxy S8 (Plus) on small functions.

Galaxy S8

Monster is virtually “Dual Audio”, which means that the new smartphone flagship can deliver music via Bluetooth to two headsets at the same time.

Everyone who has already taken a class trip as a child knows the situation: You sit peacefully at the window, let the landscape go by itself and listen to dreamy music – and suddenly you get an elbow slightly cut into the rib.

The best mate on the side seat wants to get a shower and asks for an earphone.

Luck for today’s youth: Whoever will go with the school class in the future will no longer have to give up his precious earphone – at least if you have a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus.

Samsung’s first-ever top-of-the-line model has Bluetooth 2.0 as the first smartphone on board. The new wireless standard not only allows higher speed but also greater bandwidth.

Adjustable volume separately

Samsung is taking advantage of the Galaxy S8 (Plus) and is integrating a new feature called “Dual Audio.” According to the manufacturer, it will be possible to drive two Bluetooth headsets or speakers from only one smartphone.

Convenient: The volume can be set separately for each connected device.

If the girlfriend is a bit quieter, while listening to music close to hearing, you can still enjoy the same music together.

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