The beta 2 of iOS 11.2 includes three new wallpapers, exclusive on the iPhone X

The iPhone X is finally available in the market. Apple has managed to live up to expectations, offering unique features that make the phone a totally new compared to previous generations.

But in addition to this, it offers exclusive details that differentiate it, for example, the new ringtone or new wallpapers as we have seen on this occasion.

As shown in 9to5mac, the second beta of iOS 11.2 that have arrived this week to offer compatibility with the iPhone X, brings new wallpapers. Specifically, Apple offers the wallpapers that we see during the introduction video of the iPhone X, in the form of Live Wallpapers.

These new wallpapers are abstract images of ink on the screen. By pressing hard on the screen, an animation starts showing us how the ink changes.

Some interesting wallpapers that are currently exclusive for the iPhone X but will surely be imported soon to other devices compatible with Live Photo.

Remember that with the iPhone X Apple has also brought new dynamic wallpapers with bubbles on a black background, there are a total of seven new with different colors.

As for fixed wallpapers, since iOS 11 we found a nearly complete renovation, showing us a total of 20 wallpapers: two of the earth, one of the moon, three of sea and beach, six of plants, seven with the Six color Apple band and one totally black.