The best quadcopters on the market in 2018

The best quadcopters on the market in 2018

Whether you are new to flying or have years of experience, a quadcopter is a great little tool to own. From taking aerial photography to capturing a video recording, you can do so much with the right little device.

The video capture capabilities, ease of use, the height it can attain, and of course flight speeds, are a few of the many things you should consider, in deciding which quadcopter you are going to buy. When the time comes to invest in this great little technology, these are a few options to consider.

DJI Maverick Pro

The best quadcopters on the market in 2018

Powerful, creative, and worry-free; these are a few of the adjectives you are going to think of when you see this little device in flight. It is convenient in size, it extremely easy to fly, and is simple to change directions in a matter of seconds.

It can capture 4K quality video, you can easily record short and longer-form content, and it captures exceptional aerial photographs as well. It is nearly impossible to crash even if you are new to flight or a novice; the main detraction is the fact that firmware updates take some time, but this doesn’t take away from quality.

Syma X5C

The best quadcopters on the market in 2018

New to flight? For the beginner or novice, this is the device to choose. It has reasonable image quality and stabilization for those who are learning to fly. It is very easy to control, it has directional guides, and it has simplistic controllers. It is a bit tough to fly at night and doesn’t have the highest quality image quality, but for under $100, you can’t ask for much more.

Hubsan X4

The best quadcopters on the market in 2018

If you need something for flight-at-night, this is the quadcopter to consider investing in. Even in poor quality weather, or low-light conditions, it captures reasonable quality video and photos. The price point can’t beat either.

It is equipped with LED lights, it has directional guides/support, and it will give you about 10 minutes of flight time on a single charge (which shouldn’t take more than 30 to 40 minutes). It is a bit fragile, but as it is on the lower price end, you wouldn’t expect top-notch quality for the entry-level price you are going to be paying for this quadcopter either.

No matter what your budget, the brands you want, or whether you are looking to fly by day or night, there are several great quadcopters you can invest in.

Whether you are a beginner, novice, or have been flying for years, there are several options you can purchase when you are ready to invest in a new quadcopter. If you would like to see some reviews then is a great place to start.

For those who want something simple in design, for those who do not want to spend too much money when buying a drone, and for those who want to hone in and improve their skills in flight, these are three great options from which you can choose, when time comes to buy your new quadcopter for flight.