Android N updates will not be available on Nexus launched models

One of the most attractive features of Android N, automatic updates without user interaction will not be available on Nexus yet.

It seems that only new models that will be launched with the new operating system will benefit from this in the same situation as the rest of smartphones launched so far.

Automatic system updates require a separate partition dedicated to this function, which is not on any Android smartphone released so far. Although in theory make a new partition on a PC as possible, most users did not have the knowledge necessary to complete this operation.

Google has no plans to launch an application for those who want to manually partition the phone nor will support those who decide to change their phones.

The general public will benefit from this feature since the official launch of Android N, only new devices. It is inspired by the way the browser Google Chrome updates automatically, it requires a simple restart to take advantage of new features and improvements.

The whole process of downloading and installing new downloadable packages takes place in the background without requiring additional action from the user