Truck Across the Country with These 5 Apps Designed for Professional Truck Drivers

There are about 3.5 million professional truck drivers driving across the United States, and about one in every worker in the country is in the trucking business. It’s a popular job that makes America’s industries turn. However, it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Many of these drivers work long hours and are constantly exhausted or sleep deprived.

They are conducting multiple tasks at once and with a lot of debris and carnage on the roads, there has been an increase of truck crash deaths in the past couple of years.

Organization and reducing multi-tasking is key for truckers to not only do their job but also to prevent fatal crashes. To help professional truck drivers, many people and organizations have developed trucker-specific apps for phones. Here are some of the apps that have helped revolutionize the world of trucking and prevent some of these deadly crashes.

HWY Pro: Bill Busbice developed an app built by truckers for truckers to help make their lives easier. The app has a trip planner that maps out the trucker’s entire trip before setting out on the road. This helps to organize the trucker’s routes as well as prevent them from using their phone unnecessarily on the road. There is also a feature that allows the trucker to see how many loads are near them and to negotiate with dispatchers without losing focus on driving.

AllStays: This app helps truckers find the nearest rest stop when they need it. If a trucker simply needs to stop and relax, it shows the best places to do so. It also shows stops that offer laundry, showers, and game rooms to help truckers on the go.

Co-Pilot Live Truck: When you don’t have a navigator in the passenger seat, the next best thing is a robot. The Co-Pilot Live Truck App uses voice-activated GPS-navigation to give truckers customized truck-legal routes based on vehicle size, weight, and load type. It allows truckers to avoid low-clearance routes and weight-restricted roads.

Waze: Although not designed for truckers, Waze is a great tool for any driver. People on the app can document roadblocks or debris on the road, which is then reported to any driver in the vicinity. This drastically reduces the number of accidents related to carnage on the roads and can help truckers drive to their destination safely.

White Noise: Sleep can be hard to come by when you’ve spent so many hours on the road. However, if you have to get back out on the road again in the morning, White Noise is a great app that overrides the natural urge to stay awake and get truckers the sleep they need to be alert the next morning.

These apps can be downloaded in minutes and will help truckers drive safely and more efficiently.