They have managed to make the first jailbreak to Apple Watch, but at the moment it will not be public

Apple Watch

For years the developers have managed to jailbreak virtually every iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

However, one that has resisted being hacked has been the Apple Watch, so far, because in the last Def Con we have seen a sample of the jailbreak for Apple Watch. Of course, there are no plans to make it public at the moment.

Apparently, this jailbreak works with watches 3 and for the moment is intended for developers more than for users.

It is difficult to raise the possibilities offered by this type of jailbreak, as there is still no public version of it. According to the creators, you have access to personal information of a device :

  • Access to health data
  • Access to calls
  • Access to Photos
  • Access to the cache
  • Calendar Access
  • Access to Contact
  • Access to messages and emails
  • GPS access
  • Microphone access

Keep in mind that this is a device with very limited hardware. This means that any changes made to the system or tweak for it should be as simple as possible as long as the performance is not affected.

So, forget about wallpapers and wacky effects on the Apple Watch as you can do on a jailbroken iPhone.

So, if a public version of the jailbreak is released for watches, it will be with slight modifications and options in the system. Everything possibly controlled from Cydia for iPhone, since doing a specific Cydia on the clock does not make sense, just as the App Store for watches we control it from the iPhone.

Looking at the current jailbreak situation for iOS, the jailbreak for Apple Watch is probably not going to go any further.