Apple AirPods: New models on the way, waterproof from 2019

Apple is currently planning the second generation of its AirPods. You want points with better Siri support, later with water resistance.

Later this year we will see the new AirPods. Is this a surprise or is it more natural? Despite the mockery that Apple initially had to listen to because of the AirPods, the wireless EarPods are bombarded with the fans, so enjoy great popularity and sell like sliced ​bread.

From this point of view, therefore, it is likely to surprise only a few, if now Bloomberg reported that Apple wants to update these AirPods. Of course, there are (legitimate) criticisms and it seems that these flaws will be eradicated with upcoming versions.

According to Bloomberg, this starts with the fact that a new wireless chip will be installed in the new models. Instead of the W1 chip could thus find the W2 use, which also uses the Apple Watch or an even more advanced chip. With the help of the Bluetooth connection should be much less susceptible to interference.

Further, we expect better Siri support in the updated models. Currently, it is still necessary to activate Siri via double-tap, before you can give a command. With the new AirPods then the well-known “Hey Siri” could be used to address the AirPods.

These two improvements are likely to find their way into the AirPods, which will be available later this year. Those who hope that the AirPods become watertight will have to wait a bit longer. Although the sources of Bloomberg also reveal that a water-resistant version of the wireless handset is planned, this will not appear until next year.

As mentioned above: Apple was allowed to listen to a lot for his AirPods. The design was much amused, later scolded that it took forever until Apple finally brings the parts in the sale. By now, everyone knows that Apple does not have to be the first to bring a product to the market in order to sell it successfully.

The AirPods and the wireless in-ear market are another testaments to this – and when the improved version goes on sale in a few months, many Apple users will surely strike again and ensure that the top-of-the-line wireless handset continues to do so Cupertino is coming.

Alex Edwards
Half a decade freelancing for all manner of outlets writing about all sorts of (mostly video game-related) things.