Android Simplenote is now open source

Simplenote discharges the Android, iOS, and Mac customer source code under the GPL. That gives us the warm fuzzies.

Simplenote is a lightweight yet full-included note taking application that is cross-stage on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It’s an extraordinary contrasting option to Evernote and their new valuing and offers matching up and sharing and in addition the capacity to work while disconnected. What’s more, starting today, it’s presently open source on all stages.

As declared on their web journal, the customer side code for the Android, iOS, and Mac renditions have been presented on Automattic’s Github where they join the Windows form that was already publicly released.

This implies anybody can uninhibitedly download the source code and manufacture it them, or change it into something else and discharge it as another application. However, as Phil focuses out Simplenote is better than average at what it’s planned to do — be basic, and take notes.

The server-side parts are not open, so there’s a little obstacle for whoever needs to utilize the code as a base for the following extraordinary thing.


Automattic might just open-source the server bits, yet regardless of the possibility that they don’t an improvement group could connect their own particular server subtle elements to the code as it exists. At the end of the day, uplifting news all around.

We adore it when any application goes open and particularly cherish it when an incredible application does it.

Chriss Stephens
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