Android O breaks applications that customize the status bar

The next major update of Google’s mobile operating system brings a novelty that will surely not like the lovers of personalization. Third-party applications will no longer be able to modify the status bar interface.

Android O

Android O no longer allows applications to be displayed in the system interface to show a new layout by covering the current one, can only be displayed on top of other applications, but not on system components like the status bar, notification bar, The lock screen or the keyboard.

Google does not want any application to hide or modify the appearance of such important elements in the system so that malicious applications can not modify the appearance or behavior of the notification bar or other components.

The problem is that apps like Status or Material Status Bar are broken from Android O.

As we see the screen capture that heads the notification as much as we try to modify the appearance of the status bar will always appear above the status bar the system, which will appear a bar on top of another, which means that no longer you can change the design of the status bar with third-party applications.

Ideally, Google will release the necessary APIs so that developers can directly customize the status bar design, at least they can change the position of the time and icons, and change the background color.