Android Auto now runs directly on your phone, without a car

You don’t need to buy a new vehicle or infotainment process to get Android Auto up and running.

You can now achieve this directly for your Android smartphone.

Android Auto does not require a car to Run – feature Now Runs instantly for your Smartphone’s display

Having a vehicle or an infotainment approach was once a strict requirement so as to make use of Android Auto.

Curiously, Google teased a variation of the application past Spring where customers could be capable of making use of the feature with no need a compatible car at all.

This supposed Android Auto would run on your smartphone like some other app, allowing users to take competencies of the program while not having to toss off their prime dollar.

In these days, Google is rolling out that application replaces, with help for 30 areas that manage Android Auto currently.

Google made this move with the intention to carry the Android Auto experience to thousands of customers who don’t have a suitable car or infotainment procedure.

We launched Android Auto two years ago with the goal to better integrate phones and cars, and give drivers an easier way to access the information they need. There are now over 200 new car models supporting Android Auto offered from more than 50 brands, and many more launching every day.

But we know there are millions of older cars on the road that are not compatible with Android Auto, and many don’t have a screen at all. We wanted to bring the same connected experience to these drivers too.

You can download and install the latest Android Auto update directly from the Play Store.