We have already witnessed the emergence of various voice assistants competing with Google Assistant such as Bixby or Amazon Alexa.

Journey to Un'Goro

Blizzard brings fresh air to the "Hearthstone" card game with "Journey to Un'Goro"

No Man’s Sky

For a ton of games, the as of late discharged No Man's Sky isn't what they expected, and Sony, Amazon, and Steam.

Echo’s Alexa lives in your program, so anybody, anyplace can get to it and test their Alexa abilities.


The whole thing is generally affordable at its usual $80-90, but as of this writing, Amazon has it down to $60. That’s the lowest it’s been on the site to date.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology -- devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers -- is hugely popular these days. People from every demographic are mapping their fitness accomplishments and keeping tabs on sleep patterns, heart rates and weight loss goals.


Sony may be known for making sound systems, televisions, PlayStations, and disappointing Spider-Man movies, but now the tech powerhouse is joining the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google by diving into artificial intelligence.

Alexa, Amazon

For as far back as two years, Alexa – Amazon's man-made brainpower that comes incorporated with the Amazon Echo shrewd speaker and Amazon Fire TV – has relentlessly extended her abilities.