Amazon Echo

Google Home

Within just a month, the well-respected Amazon Echo and Google Home have seen new competitors coming from somewhere

HomePod will hit the US, Australian, and UK markets by the end of 2017, and next year will debut in ...

A wearable created entirely by Spotify

On the other hand is 'Mighty', a device that was sold as the first 'iPod for Spotify', which was part ...

Alexa vs Siri

The virtual assistants that are Siri of Apple and Alexa of Amazon compete for the market of the hotel industry.


It's now official, Alexa - the virtual assistant of the Amazon Echo - is available on the iOS application of ...

Google Home Assistant

The Google Home Assistant is apparently used by Google to play unsolicited commercials from "partners".

Rumors about a new Amazon music streaming service

The play here, it appears as though, is to make another administration that will make the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, ...

Apple reportedly planning huge upgrade for Siri

It looks like Apple is planning a huge upgrade for Siri.