Always On mode would reach Google Pixel 2

Over the last few years most manufacturers have been changing the technologies of the screens of their smartphones, and now we are at a point where no technology has a clear dominion over the other. However, it seems that the balance for the future could opt slightly in favor of OLED technology.

This technology, as we know, is a battery saving for the smartphone, which allowed Motorola, then owned by Google, used for the first time the feature Always On in their Moto X. Samsung has been implementing it in its latest models having managed to spend less battery mode, but soon we could see more devices.

As an XDA user has discovered, in the Developer Preview 3 of Android O there is a part of the code that refers to Always On mode, although it would be hidden in the IU configurator (it can be accessed in some devices by displaying the bar Of notifications and leaving the settings icon pressed until it starts rolling, a message appears that is active and you can access it from the settings).

always on code

The user who discovered it tried to activate this mode manually but did not get it to work. This would mean that it would be easier to see the future Pixel 2 with an AMOLED screen (as they have the current ones) to take advantage of this mode, although it could also be extended to any AMOLED screen smartphone when found within the Developer Preview.

The person who discovered these lines of code warns that the references to ‘doze’ that are made in that section have nothing to do with the feature that has Android to make us gain autonomy but refers to the Ambient Display mode.

It is necessary to clarify that, at the moment, this part is not active, so it would have to see if they enable this option in the last previous so that the users of the Pixel and Nexus with AMOLED screen try it or finally it is nothing. Would you like the Always On mode to default to Android O?