It’s official – Alexa is now available on iOS


It’s now official, Alexa – the virtual assistant of the Amazon Echo – is available on the iOS application of the e-commerce giant.


This is the first time that the artificial intelligence of Amazon invites itself on Apple terminals.

The information fell yesterday, Alexa is now available on Amazon’s iOS app. The users of the application will now be able to use Alexa as a real personal assistant and no longer simply make purchases and track the arrival of their package on the e-commerce giant’s app.

Of course, shopping by voice commands is allowed, but if the user so wishes, he can ask Alexa to stream music, read ebooks, indicate future weather or current traffic, and so on.

The control of objects connected by Alexa on iOS is also provided.

The two bits of artificial intelligence that are Siri and Alexa are thus both housed in a single iOS terminal, but if one is natively installed on headed smartphones, the other is only available from the Amazon application.

The activation of Alexa is accessible from the microphone icon located below the search bar. This availability allows Amazon to acquire new users of its artificial intelligence.

Remember, however, that this feature is only available on iOS for US users; Alexa still dragging her feet to reach our countries.

Andrew Regan
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