The AirPods are down to 1-2 weeks of shipping, but no, Apple will not give them next to the iPhone 8


Apple’s AirPods has been a drama in the last twelve months. And is that since its launch we have seen how they have been persecuted by problems after problems. The oldest of them? The availability.

In addition to experiencing delays in launching, we have also had very high shipping times, usually six weeks. This is changing.

It seems that in recent weeks supply and demand have been aligned. Apple went from six weeks to 4-3 weeks of shipping and now in many countries, we see how it drops to 1-2 weeks.

Right now are two weeks of waiting, to the US store as in the United Kingdom or Canada. At this rate, Apple will be about to get an adequate supply later this month or early October.

It has increased production, but will not come with every iPhone 8 in the box

During the last fiscal results, Tim Cook advised us that they were increasing the production capacity of the AirPods and were “working very hard” to bring the AirPods to the customers as soon as possible.

Have they increased production to include them with the iPhone 8?

To justify the price of the new iPhone many assure that Apple will include AirPods next to him. In this way, it would offer extra and premium features to a phone that for its price is meant to be premium.

Here are several incongruities, but despite this, there is a greater reason not to include them: high demand.

It is estimated that Apple is producing approximately (and at least) about 40 million iPhone 8 for the initial demand of the first quarter. This means that Apple should make about 40 million AirPods also to include them with the iPhone 8.

Can Apple produce such an amount of AirPods? Given the difficulty, they have had in a whole year, probably not.