92% of fidelity in the USA and a market share higher than we imagine, the best time of the iPhone?

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One of the indexes where Apple always wins is the fidelity, which indicates to us a percentage how many of the current owners of an iPhone plan to renew to another iPhone in the future or on the other hand they will jump to an Android terminal.

iphone 7

Morgan Stanley has just taken a survey, and the resulting figure is very good news: 92 out of 100 iPhone owners want to stay on the platform.

This percentage had only been so high once: during the launch of the iPhone 6s when 93% of Americans with an iPhone wanted to buy a more modern one. In April of last year we were talking about a percentage of 83%, so … what has made loyalty to Apple go up so much?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues may have helped Apple users’ loyalty rise

Morgan Stanley’s internal statement justifies it with the problems that Samsung, the main competitor, have had with their  Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Their batteries exploded, even after an attempt to fix it, so that the reliability of the brand fell while Apple continued to sell terminals.

Only this figure has caused the value of Apple shares to hit a rally, after a fall that many attributes to fears of Trump deciding not to lower rates so Apple can transfer money outside the United States.

Forbes improves it: a market share of 65% to 230% bigger?

From the figures released yesterday by Google in its IO Event, at Forbes have made an optimistic calculation.

If Google now boasts two billion handsets in use and a year ago Apple boasted of having a billion, and also Apple has grown into 300 million more devices … then Android would still dominate the global market but with a not so advantage Big as it is believed.

Estimates from the media estimate that even without taking into account Apple’s growth, the overall market share of the iPhone could be 65% to 230% higher than we imagine.

And there we do not count the iPad, which would still increase that figure encompassing all iOS devices.

These are figures that will have to be checked with more market research, but that should be smiling at the top executives of Apple.

The Mac remained as an expensive alternative and not too understood in the war for computers, but the war of smartphones seems to be balancing the balance a little more.