4 Ways Mobile Gaming Is Reaching the Next Level

Not so many years ago, gaming was mainly for consoles and PCs, but mobile gaming has become a major player. While diehard fans will still use high-end devices, mobile gaming on tablets and smartphones is growing.

Mobile platforms make games accessible to almost everyone due to the low cost of entry. Here’s a look at some ways mobile gaming is reaching the next level.

Mobile Gaming Revenue Overtakes PC, Browser Revenue

Mobile gaming’s popularity is evident by the money it’s poised to take in this year. Mobile games are on target to account for 51 percent of annual revenue in 2018, according to Newzoo’s quarterly Global Games Market Report. The report indicates that this year will be the first time mobile games are set to outpace console and PC game revenue combined.

Premium and freemium games both add to mobile’s revenue forecast. Many popular games, such as Words with Friends, focus on the freemium model and allow the user to play for free. However, players must pay for upgrades to get extra features. Players have to ante up a few dollars immediately to play premium games.

Top Live Games Go Mobile

Mobile gaming seems ready to explode since top games like HQ and Fornite are mobile-friendly. Both apps include a social aspect as well. Trivia app HQ brings thousands of players into the same contest, while Fornite lets hundreds of players battle each other for survival.

Social gaming’s popularity makes it essential for newcomers and established companies to include real-time communication in the game’s experience. Solutions like Agora for mobile games let developers build an app that allows an unlimited number of players to communicate by voice or video during the game.

Google Is Getting Into Mobile Gaming

Multiplayer social gaming is getting a new player: internet giant Google. Google is getting into the mobile gaming arena with its new startup, Arcade. Bloomberg reports that Micheal Sayman is Arcade’s founder and co-owner.

Signs point to the first app including a trivia element, one of the most popular social gaming themes. Sayman says Arcade will focus on social gaming, but will not be tied to an existing social platform.

Game Platforms Adapt to a Mobile World

Offering games as a service is another sign that mobile gaming is growing. Smartphone and tablet users don’t need to download games anymore. Subscription services allow companies to host games in the cloud, eliminating the need for large device storage capacity.

Also, more games offer touchscreen controls to accommodate mobile devices. Mobile games require a much smaller investment from the player, too. Games hosted in the cloud that users can play on a smartphone or tablet don’t need the upfront purchase of a console or laptop.

Signs point to mobile games accommodating a wide variety of users and bringing in more money than console-based games this year. Mobile gaming shows no signs of slowing during the next few years.
Statista’s forecast shows mobile revenue growth exploding to over $74 billion in 2020. Game developers can focus on mobile-friendly games to get in on this trend to launch a successful game.