Now you can see in detailed 3D models the Apple Park in Apple Maps

A few months ago we saw how Apple included its new headquarters in its own maps.

Apple Maps, Apple Park
Today, Apple has updated Apple Maps to include detailed 3D renderings of headquarters buildings, as well as traffic information, pedestrian walkways, and more points of interest.

If we enter the Apple Maps and look for the Apple Park, we can see it in three dimensions. The views will show us all the buildings in detail from any point of view.

In addition, we will see the roads and streets that intersect with the corporate headquarters, directions of traffic to arrive and a number of cars that are in real time, points by where to pass walking … and even the pond that is in the center of the Apple Park.

The curiosity of all this is that only a building has its own name in the Apple Park, it is the amphitheater of Steve Jobs. The giant ring, the R & D buildings or the gym for example do not have a proper name on Apple Maps.

It remains to be seen if Apple updates the satellite data , because now if we look at the satellite view we will see how the building under construction is still visible. As we mentioned, in March of this year these images were added, but possibly updated as soon as the Apple Park is finished.

Currently the workers are already moving to the new facilities , although it is true that they lack furniture , small touches and finish the garden. As Apple commented, Apple Park will be fully finalized in late summer.

We will see if on that occasion Apple shows us in detail with a public visit to the press. Although for now we have had a visit in detail inside.