The Apple Watch Series 3 could include a much better micro-LED display than the current OLED

One of Apple’s research and development centers is in Taiwan, and as some Asian media indicate, Apple may be investigating a new technology here for its screens: micro-LED.

Apple Watch Series 3
According to Business Korea, since 2015 they are testing this new technology and could debut at the next Apple Watch.

Micro-LED displays, unlike OLEDs and LCDs, are thinner, less heavy and more energy-efficient. It has not been all Merit of Apple, but in 2014 they bought startup LuxVue, a specialist in the development of micro-LED screens.

You know how Apple works with this, buy small businesses with great potential and integrate them into your development flow.

Remember that all Apple Watch manufactured so far have used OLED panels manufactured by LG Display. If Apple effectively changes technology and goes on to use micro-LED panels instead of OLED, LG Display could lose revenue of up to 200 million dollars a year.

The question to be asked is whether the micro-LED technology is really mature enough to be implemented on a large scale. If Apple implements it in the Apple Watch first would be a step similar to the one that has occurred with OLED panels: first in Apple Watch and then in the iPhone.

For now the iPhone for the next two or three years OLED, possibly later we see something more efficient and advanced.

In addition to a change in the front on the screen, it is expected that the Apple Watch Series 3 finally include a change of design after two generations with the same style.

A change that in principle should continue offering compatibility with the current straps. But of course, knowing that Apple’s business with the Apple Watch focuses on the straps, anything is possible.

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