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The crazy races with miniature cars will arrive at GTA Online with its new Tiny Racers mode

There is no doubt that ‘GTA Online‘ is one of the best things that has happened to ‘Grand Theft Auto V’.

The crazy races with miniature cars will arrive at GTA Online with its new mode Tiny Racers
Its multiplayer mode expands every now and then with new experiences that have little or nothing to do with the gameplay of the main campaign, something that we will see as repeated once more in a few days with its new gameplay ‘Tiny Racers‘.

From what we have seen in its first trailer will be a new twist on the classic action of ‘Grand Theft Auto’, proposing us crazy races full of acrobatics, explosions and shots while we get behind the wheel of miniature cars.

If you catch the attention you will be happy to know that you will not have to wait too long to test your ability with these vehicles, given that Rockstar has announced that it will be available in ‘GTA Online’ from 25 April .

One more reason to return to the award-winning action show of his popular saga.

Due to all this, starting today it will be possible to get a 50% discount on business and grass crop improvements on Open Road.

In addition, all grass sales will also provide 50% more profit.

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