Get ready, your Facebook Messenger chats will probably be filled with more and more ads

We know that you like the messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, with their calls “free” and their stickers.

Facebook Messenger

But Facebook has not become one of the biggest and millionaire companies in the world giving away things, no, it has done selling advertising.

Already in late 2016 Facebook announced that the messages within Messenger were finally open to all advertisers. And if you have not yet found many ads in your chat windows, be sure that soon you will, and these will continue to multiply.

Despite the company’s growing interest in integrating payment functions through Messenger, this will not be the main focus for monetizing the application. This was confirmed by David Marcus, the head of Facebook’s messaging products, who commented in an interview with Recode that they will continue to focus on advertising, as it is their traditional business.

Facebook entered more than $ 7 billion just in the third quarter of 2016. The gigantic majority of that money comes from advertising, which reported $ 27 billion to the company last year.

In addition to this, most of the advertising revenue from Facebook comes from mobile devices, so it makes sense that Facebook seeks to exploit Messenger in the same way it does with the main social network.

With Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram full of advertising, just wait for the day that is the turn of WhatsApp, is a market of more than 1200 million active users per month, waiting to be exploited.

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