Google could launch the next Google Pixel with curved display

The curved displays have become one of the current trends and it is the high-end ones that are using them to innovate in their designs and the sensations offered in terminals such as the brand new Galaxy S8 recently announced.

Google Pixel

It would be the great G who would be willing to launch its next Google Pixel with such a screen not to be left behind in that new format of screens that will be what will predominate the scene of mobile phones in a matter of little time.

A Google Pixel with curved screen, more than desirable

If the first Google Pixel was based on a phone with a visual style more to the standard, and even with a lower frame of considerable size, the following could make a qualitative leap to approach those Galaxy S8 and the Mi Mix Xiaomi.

And we know today from a report from Electronic Times in South Korea that the search giant has offered to invest at least $ 880 million in LG Display Co., to ensure sufficient supply of flexible OLED screens for its next Smartphone.

A Google move essential not to be left behind in the trend reigning in the high end with a Galaxy S8 that is the main protagonist and an Apple that is known to have signed an agreement to manufacture their next iPhone with such screens.

Anyway, it remains for LG Display to give the yes to Google, so it would depend on their screens to be able to launch a Pixel with that format, since the rest of the competition are in a war of agreements in which a And others are being distributed, as one would say, the “cake”.

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