Microsoft wants to build Lab for Internet of Things and AI in Munich

Microsoft chose Munich as the third location for one of its “Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Lab”. In this lab, companies, and customers who develop IoT and AI projects can get help from Microsoft, or even get their resources for faster development.

Microsoft wants to build Lab for Internet of Things and AI in Munich
Anyone who is concerned with new technologies will not necessarily get around the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. There are two areas that will become extremely relevant in the future – that has also recognized Microsoft.

The company would like to invest in a new building in Munich, the so-called “Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Lab”. It is the third center of its kind in the world, the other two labs are in Redmond and Chinese Shenzhen.

We can, therefore, feel a bit honored that Microsoft has just picked out Germany as a location. In the future, the Center will be the starting point for a wide range of customers from various countries.

Whoever plans a project with the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence is provided with appropriate resources in the lab. Companies also have the opportunity to work together with development experts from the industry. They are supported by all parties.

The lab is designed for faster development to allow products to be launched faster. According to the press release from Microsoft, customers can achieve results with only three weeks of lab stay, for which they would have needed alone four to six months.

However, Microsoft does not only support the projects actively in its development but also assists them in launching the market.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) change the interaction of people, devices, and data in all areas of life. This is not only about cutting-edge technology, but also about the digital transformation of industries and the redesign of companies. It’s about how you change the world – with our support.

Microsoft Insider Labs

All three labs can be used by companies free of charge. Of course, Microsoft is also making a bit of advertising on its own, because the customers are also the various Microsoft services such as the Azure IoT Suite, Windows 10 IoT Core, the Cognitive Services and the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

If you are interested, perhaps also for your own small business, you can find more information under this link. For the use of the labs, you have to apply, by the way, since no one can be so pure.

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