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iPhone 7 Red: Apple presented a special iPhone 7 (RED) edition

Apple has unveiled a new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – a special RED edition. The sale will start shortly.

iPhone 7 Red

Apple has surprisingly presented fresh red iPhones. This is an iPhone 7 RED and an iPhone 7 Plus in chic red.

The new model is not available in the basic version with 32 gigabytes of memory, but only 128 gigabytes.

This increases the entry price for this special color to 869 euros – just like the iPhone 7 in diamond black. Technically, the red iPhone does not differ from other iPhone 7 models.

The biggest difference is the color as well as the charitable thought behind the device. Because every purchase helps the “Global Fund” to support HIV / AIDS programs.

iPhone 7 Product Red

Availability and Price The iPhone 7 in Red is available in four versions: The 4.7-inch version is available with 128 and 256 gigabytes of memory (869 and 979 euros), the Plus model with 5.5-inch screen also offers an optional 128 Or 256 gigabytes (1,009 and 1,119 euros).

If you want to secure a red iPhone 7 (Plus), from the 24th of March 2017 starting at 16:01 clock in the online shop and in the branches the possibility to place an order.

iPhone 7 Red

Although the number of available iPhones is initially scarce, but it is not a limited edition – an order at a later date is, therefore, possible without any problem.

What is Product Red?

Product Red is a special product line from Apple. For ten years now, there have been certain products in red, giving the opportunity to donate part of the purchase price to the aid organization “The Global Fund”.

The work of Red provides life-saving HIV / AIDS programs in Africa, where more than two-thirds of HIV-infected people live worldwide.

The “Global Fund” HIV / AIDS scholarships consist of programs for counseling, testing, prevention and the prevention of transmission of the virus to mothers and their children.

Since its founding in 2006, Red has generated more than $ 465 million for the Global Fund, of which $ 130 million has been contributed by Apple alone.