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Honor 6X Pro Kit presented: More RAM, memory and accessories

With the Honor 6X Pro Kit, a premium version of the previous Honor 6X was introduced as part of the MWC 2017. There are more memory, internal memory, and massive accessories at an attractive price.

Honor 6X Pro

Honor 6X Pro Kit brings exciting improvements We have just recently tested the normal Honor 6X and were very pleased with the low price of the dual camera smartphone.

Already during the presentation of the Honor 6X a few months ago were presented a premium model, which should appear with more space.

With the Honor 6X Pro Kit, the Huawei subsidiary has now announced a premium bundle, which not only includes more memory and internal memory but also includes useful accessories.

The Honor 6X Pro now comes with 4 GB RAM instead of the 3 GB RAM in the normal model and has 64 GB of internal memory instead of 32 GB. Again, of course, the expansion of the memory via microSD card is possible as well as the use of a dual SIM function.

With the 4 GB RAM one should be even better equipped for the future, especially since the second quarter also the update on Android 7.0 Nougat and the EMUI 5 comes.

Otherwise it remains with the technical equipment, which we know of the normal model.

Honor 6X Pro

The Honor 6X Pro Kit comes with accessories, which is not included with the normal Honor 6X. A self-contained stick with a release button on the handle, a USB cable with adapter and a headphone is included.

For this, Honor in the bundle with the better Honor 6X requires 319 euros. The normal model costs 249 euros. Overall, therefore, a not too high surcharge if you want more memory.

Honor 6X Pro

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