Considering on which platform to design a mobile app

Typically a mobile app can be developed for any platform including those apart from Android and iOS.

Based on the research from Statista Android platform is the most used OS with 1.808 million products followed by iOS with 463  million devices.

In the 3rd and 4th place are featured Windows Phone OS and that of renounced Blackberry respectively. Apart from the above four mentioned, 31 million devices function on other OSs.

From the aforementioned data, it is evident that Android and iOS dominate more than 90% of the market where the former has the largest market share due to the less expensive devices which function on the specific OS.

Internationally in nations like Japan, it is iOS which is leading and in countries like the US, UK or Australia both the platforms are evenly matched regarding the market.

The audience of objective determines the type of app being designed. A large scale of the market will be reached if apps are designed for the duo of both iOS and Android.

In spite of the Windows OS leading in the 3rd place, it is best to give priority for the top two.

Based on research from Kantar Worldpanel, only a limited number of nations encompassing France and Italy are to some extent captivated by Windows Phone. However again mentioning it is best to venture into both Android and iOS market to get benefited and gain more revenue.

So once the app has been well established on the Android and iOS platforms providing fruitful results, then focus can be given on Windows Phone and the other OSs based on the customer’s desire and feedback.

It has to be noted that not all the undertakings of app development have large quota or are zealous projects. So the thought sparks that it is better to develop and release an app on a single OS before proceeding further.

Then the next question that comes to the mind is as to in which platform the app must be developed.

There are several aspects to contemplate before designing an app like evaluating the prospective customers, the market etc.

If the brand has a web related profession and wants to venture into the mobile domain, it has to initially research the visits, which if less in number results in the condition that designing a native app is not a good idea.

If a lot of visits arise from mobile devices then it is well suited to proceed further along with concentrating on which platforms are the maximum number of visits arising from in regards to design.

In the event that a brand does not have a web related version and wants to immediately launch into the app world, it has to extensively research its potential user domain. It should figure out a complete strategy prior to jumping into mobile app design.

It has been presumed that when the number of app downloads is more it is proportionate to revenue. However, it has to be noted that the apps life is not related to the download metrics.

Even though Android features the aspect of more downloads, iOS is preferred in case of good revenue.

As per Statistics, iOS devices which are less in number produces more gains and incomes barring China where the gainings of both the Apple and Android devices are more or less same and equivalent.

However speaking of everything, it is the brand which should take the final step regarding as to which platform the app is to be developed.

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