The NC AKG N60 arrives Wireless Version

AKG announced the upcoming release of a wireless version of its N60 NC, supra-aural headphones with active noise reduction.

When we had it tested in the summer of 2015, the N60 NC Wired had impressed us with its comfort and active noise reduction in very good efficacy, the price certainly slight concessions on the quality of sound reproduction.

Here is how we summarized our experience with the headphones:

The N60 NC AKG is probably one of the best headphones for music lovers who want to travel light and shut out the world. 
Compact and extremely comfortable, it offers accurate sound performance, an efficient hands-free kit and, above all, a gargantuan autonomy and reduced active fearsome noise. 

A model of ergonomics AKG intends to take to the next level by providing the gift of radio communication – it’s good because we rightly deplored the lack of volume controls and navigation.

The manufacturer promises that this wireless model uses the same noise reduction technology as its big brother wired, and it is still effective to eliminate background noise during travel by plane or train.

Autonomy could, in turn, reach 30 hours … but it is however not clear whether this figure is valid for use Bluetooth, not wired with the only active noise reduction.

The N60 NC AKG Wireless is expected in the month of April at the recommended price of $ 300 US.

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