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Apple Watch 3 To Feature Standalone Apps, Sim Card, WatchOS 5 & S3 Processor?

Several Apple products are expected to be released next year, and one of which is the highly-anticipated Apple Watch 3.

“What we can be fairly confident of is that there will be at least a year between the Apple Watch 2 and the Apple Watch 3, which means we’re not likely to see the Apple Watch 3 before September 2017 at the earliest,” Techradar reported.

“If it arrives then, it will probably launch alongside the iPhone 8. The problem is the original Apple Watch launched in April, so perhaps we’ll be waiting until April 2018, or maybe Apple will choose another date altogether. All we can say for sure is that you’ve got a long time to save,” the source added.

There were also reports suggesting that the upcoming device will run a watchOS 4 or watchOS 5 and might be powered by the latest processor called S3 which seems to be a dual-core chip.

Moreover, the Apple Watch 3 is expected to have standalone apps and a SIM card which will allow users to access their mobile data and let them call and text without their phone.

Cellular capabilities could be the big feature the Apple Watch 3 needs to really stand out from previous models, so this is likely to be something Apple’s going to try and include,” as reported by the source.

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