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How to cancel a email on Gmail after you sent it

Inevitably, you wanted at some point to cancel a sent email on Gmail, today that thing is possible by for activating Unsend option on your Gmail settings.

Surprisingly, it even works on both iPhone and the web.

Gmail is one of the best e-mail services. It includes a mix of functions more or less advanced that make you life easier and help you send, sort, and to cancel sending emails.

Function Undo Send is the strangest and, although it may not be known to the general public, it was introduced a long time ago.

gmail undo send

From the moment you made the above changes if you have the latest version of Gmail for iOS or a 5.0.3 newer one, immediately after you have sent a message, you’ll see a button labeled based on Undo Send.

If you will not use previously specified time, 5-30 seconds, it will disappear.

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