Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Could Come in Blue Coral

Provided you could no longer buy a Galaxy Note 7, we encouraged that you determine out the Galaxy S7 Edge prior this week.

I know what you’re pondering, although, “Tim, there’s no Blue Coral alternative for the S7 Edge!” good, that might be altering if the brand new leak pans out to be accurate.

Blue Coral was a colour presented first on the Galaxy Note 7, and to my shock, it appeared to resonate with fairly a couple of humans. It was a shiny and glossy blue, together with rose gold accents on the siding. To put it gently, Blue Coral was an obtained taste.

In keeping with an picture posted onto the online, it seems Samsung is working tough to supply a new colorway for the S7 Edge, that colour being Coral Blue, of direction.

In what I’m assuming to be an attempt to deliver extra awareness to this device and away from the Galaxy note 7, if Samsung used to be to launch a new colour, they are able to participate in a brand new round of advertising and marketing for the S7 aspect without looking too foolish.

The cell is seven months historical finally.

We are able to certainly see Verizon branding on the cellphone’s backside shell, however that doesn’t lead us to think it’s a carrier distinct in anyway. Sitting proper in the back of the foreground shell, we see a Samsung brand printed on one other shell, meaning Samsung is manufacturing plenty of backsides for special variants

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