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iPhone 7 with classic EarPods and Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter (rumor)

The speculation about the elimination of the traditional pin terminal in the iPhone 7 will not break off.

Now the next iPhone will be accompanied by the familiar EarPods together with an adapter, which is responsible for the conversion of Lighting to 3.5mm

A report from Macotakara, according to which refers to reports from Computex 2016 in Taipei, the iPhone 7 will not be accompanied by some new EarPods with Lightning connector. Instead, Apple will simply retain the already known EarPods with 3.5mm plug, which can be connected by means of a well-supplied adapter with the Lightning port on the iPhone.

Such, not elegant solution seems surprising for Apple, however, would simplify the transition from existing headphones significantly since the customer could save the purchase of an optional adapter.

Who does not want to rely on Apple’s adapter solution is likely to not have to wait long for optional adapters. At Computex, many manufacturers are already presenting their own adapter solutions for an iPhone without 3.5mm port. Already a few weeks ago showed Tama appropriate adapter.

The place of the component is to take over for the speaker further recesses. Stereo speakers are to be not available on the iPhone 7.

Macotakara further reports that the iPhone will be offered with a 7 256-GB option. Last March, Apple had unveiled the iPad Pro with 256GB. Corresponding messages there were a few months ago, after images of the necessary memory chips had surfaced.

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