Month: May 2016

Samsung’s folding phone

There’s every chance that smartphones of the future will have folding screens.

Google Messenger is your app of choice for receiving messages

Was your favorite messenger app on our list?

Apple Watch

There is also the possibility that Apple radical changes defer platform to launch Apple Watch 2 this fall.

Captain America: Civil War

Globally, the situation is no less pink for Captain America: Civil War

A machine used by Hitler to communicate encoded found on eBay

Historians have discovered a coded machine used by Adolf Hitler

Xbox One

The strange thing is that Microsoft has even announced yet not "Xbox One VR".

asus zenbo robot

Presumably, developers are going to have to get on board to help Zenbo fulfil its potential.

30 fans try the OnePlus 3 before anyone else

Called “The Lab,” the effort will see 30 fans getting their hands on a OnePlus 3.

HTC smartwatch gets delayed

HTC smartwatch: its launch has been pushed back again

gaming console

If you believe the rumors, the current generation of consoles is only a transition.

Apple reportedly planning huge upgrade for Siri

It looks like Apple is planning a huge upgrade for Siri.

Fossil Q smartwatch

Customize and accessorize your Fossil Q smartwatch!


Jawbone has quit fabricating its Up wellness trackers and is hoping to offer its Bluetooth speaker business.

Software maintenance release coming to BlackBerry Priv

Now that Android Marshmallow has been officially released for Priv owners, BlackBerry has already begun working on that OS.

Google Photos

Google Photos is already a fine way of keeping all your pictures and videos safely.

Echo’s Alexa lives in your program, so anybody, anyplace can get to it and test their Alexa abilities.

Xbox One

With the Xbox One trailing Sony’s PS4 in the console race.


Facebook will start tracking non-users across the web.

Liquid Zest Plus

Other specs on offer with the Liquid Zest Plus include a 5.5-inch 720p display

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian, the latest game from Fumito Ueda (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus), will finally be released this year.


The trial of Google vs Oracle, which began in 2010, is finally over.

DNA origami

New research lets would-be DNA origami masters design the shape — while an algorithm determines where to put our friends ...