Month: April 2016


Watching the 2016 Summer Olympics in the US will be a snap, thanks to a freshly minted deal between NBC ...

Apple Watch

An Apple Watch hack by Tendigi CTO Nick Lee exhibits this splendidly: the designer has figured out how to get ...

Autocorrect Apple

Autocorrect can prompt some humiliating changes to your messages, and Apple has a thought of how it can keep you ...


For point of view, the whole Nintendo organization uncovered it had sucked up 504.4 billion yen for that year.

Getty Images

Getty Images complained that display high-resolution images in a search through Google Images is a violation of copyright.

Xperia X

Sony’s new Xperia X and Xperia XA telephones have been given a pre-request cost.


Spotify has reported it has gained CrowdAlbum, an administration which permits clients to transfer photographs and recordings.


However, as most organizations, Apple, which is encountering a log jam in iPhone deals, isn't relied upon to have a ...

gear s3

There are rumors that indicate that Samsung will announce the SmartWatch Gear S3 at IFA 2016 as in 2017.

Xiaomi Mi Band fitness bracelet

Last year, those from Xiaomi have had significant success in the market thanks to wearables Mi Band wristbands.

Hunger Games

Steam’s had a movie section for a little while now, but for the most part it’s been home to indie ...


FreshTeam is a new app that aims to solve that quandary, billing itself as the “anti-messaging app.”


In an attempt to generate a little interest to the characters in Overwatch, Blizzard published online the first episode in ...


It's hard to swing a stick in Silicon Valley without hitting startups created by ex- Google employees determined to bring ...

iron fish

According to Bright Side, the iron fish patented by Christopher provides 75 % of daily iron dose recommended by doctors ...

british spies

Intelligence services in Britain have recognized a number of private documents obtained by the organization Privacy International.

HTC 10

HTC 10 exceeds emotionless any alternative top competition, whether the One M9, Huawei P9, iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy ...


Board Game site of the Dark Souls from Steamforged Games has achieved target on Kickstarted in just three minutes.

Macbook air upgrade

Apple made a peaceful move up to the 13-inch MacBook Air on Tuesday that makes the base model a more ...

Such programs work in two ways: some are seeking artificial intelligence anomalies in Internet traffic.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 became the best selling title of Namco Bandai during the opening week, but the first day. Official ...

Blizzard has officially announced that World of Warcraft: Legion will be released on August 30.